The following is a list of accepted work-in-progress poster presentations (42 total). The list is ordered by the submission ID. Work-in-progress session will take place in Queen’s Tower Rooms on Tue, July 4, 2016 18:00-20:00.

Programme at a glance can be accessed here.

003 Why do potters make shorter vessels on the wheel when one or two of their modalities are reduced? Mounia Ziat, Min Kyung Park, Brian Kakas, David Rosenbaum
011 Delayed vision increases the perceived weight of lifted objects Vonne van Polanen, Marco Davare
013 Jorro Beat: Perceptual Characteristics of Shower Tactile Display Keisuke Hoshino, Masahiro Koge, Taku Hachisu, Ryo Kodama, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
017 Electrothermal Actuators for Portable Braille Devices Christian Hatzfeld, Mario El Khoury, Christian Nakic, Matthias Staab, Thomas Winterstein, Helmut F. Schlaak
019 User-Interface for Teleoperation with Mixed-Signal Haptic Feedback Carsten Neupert, Daniel Thiem, Sebastian Matich, Roland Werthschützky, Christian Hatzfeld
025 Presenting Perceptually Consistent Information improves the Efficiency of Haptic Guidance Irene Kuling, Femke van Beek, Wouter Bergmann Tiest, Astrid Kappers, Winfred Mugge, Eli Brenner, Jeroen Smeets
026 Haptics Modelling of Finger Insertion and Removal during Digital Rectal Examinations Alejandro Granados, Naomi Low-Beer, Jenny Higham, Roger Kneebone, Fernando Bello
027 Tactile display combining electrical and mechanical stimulation Sugarragchaa Khurelbaatar, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
028 Preliminary Study on Assisting Balance Recovery with Lower Limb Exoskeleton Julia Ebert, Ildar Farkhatdinov, Gijs van Oort, Edwin van Asseldonk, Etienne Burdet
029 HapticAid: Wearable Haptic Augmentation System based on Skin Vibration sensing Tomosuke Maeda, Roshan Peiris, Masashi Nakatani, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Kouta Minamizawa
032 On the role of roughness and friction on ‘naturalness’ of wood surfaces in comparison with polymer surface textures Adriana Rodriguez, Xiangqiong Zeng, Astrid Kappers, Emile van der Heide
034 Mechanical Perception Improved And Neural Jitter Reduced Via Proximally Applied Subsensory Electrical Noise Stimulation Paul Breen, Yossi Buskila, Vaughan Macefield
035 Vibrotactile melodic interval discrimination on the index finger of the non-dominant hand Deborah Egloff, Ilja Frissen, Marcelo Wanderley
038 Development of Thermal Grill Illusion Display Having Uniform Surface Yusuke Komatsu, Masamichi Sakaguchi
043 Use of recurrence plots for haptic surface recognition in convolutional neural networks Nobuhisa Hanamitsu, Mao Morita, Masashi Nakatani, Kouta Minamizawa
044 Study on the Visuo-Proprioceptive Mismatch in Teleoperation TaeJune Kim, Harsimran Singh, TaeHwan Kim, JeeHwan Ryu
047 Tactile Feedback Facilitates Performance and Presence Natalia Cooper, Ferdinando Millela, Carlo Pinto, Georg Meyer, Mark White, Iain Cant
049 Laser Thermography For Material Classification Mohamad Eid, Georgios Korres, Tamas Aujeszky
054 Perceptual constancy in the reproduction of virtual textures recorded at different speeds Serena Bochereau, Vincent Hayward
060 Towards Universal Haptic Library – Library-Based Haptic Texture Selection Using Image Texture Waseem Hassan, Seokhee Jeon
063 How in-vehicle touchscreen interfaces impact on driving performances? Stéphanie DABIC, Nour eddine El ouardi, Stephane Vahnelle, Jordan Navarro
066 Examining the cortical responses in active and passive touch using EEG frequency tagging Athanasia Moungou, Eric Vezzoli, Cecile Lombart, Betty Semail, Jean-Louis Thonnard, André Mouraux
067 A Ballpoint Pen Type Tactile Sensor for Three-Axis force measurement with Liquid Metal Electrodes Hiroki Ishizuka, Takuro Nakadegawa, Norihisa Miki
068 Tilt Control Technique for Quick Centroid Movement Input Rei Sakuragi, Vibol Yem, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
069 The human perception of transient frictional modulation David Gueorguiev, Eric Vezzoli, André Mouraux, Betty Semail, Jean-Louis Thonnard
070 Multiple Tactile Sensation Presentation with Flexible-Sheet-Type Tactile Display Ryuhei Hatada, Hiroki Ishizuka, Makoto Kawazoe, Norihisa Miki
073 Contaminant-Resistant Pin-Based Tactile Display Özgür Mutlu, Serena Bochereau, Vincent Hayward, Uwe Grotz
077 In interaction with elastic objects, the precision of action, unlike perception, improves with increasing stiffness Natalie Ganz, Raz Leib, Ilana Nisky
078 An experimental ring based control architecture for low cost haptic devices Louis Swaidani, Rory Mangles, Gareth Barnaby, Balazs Janko, Harwin William
079 Perception of Partial Slips Under Tangential Loading of the Fingertip Allan Barrea, Benoit Delhaye, Philippe Lefèvre, Jean-Louis Thonnard
082 Changes in direction discriminability of illusory force after adaptation to sustained skin stretch Tomohiro Amemiya, Shinya Takamuku, Hiroaki Gomi
083 Haptic interactions to support biology education: navigating the cell Ozan Tokatli, Megan Tracey, Natasha Barrett, Faustina Hwang, Ros Johnson, Chris Jones, Kathryn Macaulay, Mary Webb, Harwin William
085 Stable and Accurate Rendering of Stiff Virtual Walls at Low Sampling Rates INDRAJIT DESAI, Abhishek Gupta, Debraj Chakraborty
086 Dyads can adapt to different force sharing conditions in a joint force detection task Fabio Tatti, Gabriel Baud-Bovy
092 iHap: An Interactive Haptic-based Application for Active Exploration of Facial Expressions by Individuals who are Blind Shamima Yasmin
093 Influence of the Resonant Frequency on Ultrasonic Friction Reduction Devices Sednaoui Thomas, Cedrick Chappaz, Betty Semail
094 The pinocchio tube effect Aravindraj Bakthavatchalam, Jess Hartcher-O’Brien
095 Time-to-contact estimations based on vibrotactile stimuli Cynthia Mandil, Laure Lejeune, Nicolas Benguigui
096 Improved Operational Point Tracking for Haptic Applications with Gear Backlash Colin Gallacher, Arash Mohtat, Jozsef Kovecses
097 Model-Predictive Control for Direct Impulse-Based Haptics Arash Mohtat, Colin Gallacher, Jozsef Kovecses
098 Numerical studies of sliding friction between a finger and textured surface Behnam Khojasteh, Marko Janko, Yon Visell
105 Ultrasonic friction modulation on a 3D surface Charles Brazier, Charles Hudin